Aphorism Approach to Beginning HEArt Presentation

Aphorism Approach to Beginning a HEArt Presentation

Recently I have found the following exercise helpful in introducing the HEArt ideas. It promotes active consideration of the principles, and seems to bring the main message across clearly.

  1. Provide note cards to the participants and ask them to (anonymously) write the two or three ideas, principles, mottos, slogans etc. they TRY to live by. Collect the note cards. If it is going to be a continuing group let the participants know that they will be will given feedback at the next meeting.
  2. After collecting the cards I mention some of my beliefs, though this approach might not be preferred by clinicians who have different thoughts about self-revelation.
  3. Propose participants consider adding one more idea to their list. That is “Anger/rage are often present to block feeling sadness, fear, and other painful experience.” The presenter might then say: “The exploration of this idea and how to make it useful is the main work of the HEArt suggestions to prevent destructive anger.”
  4. Present the HEArt program.