Using the GLEQ

The Great Lakes Event Questionnaire (GLEQ):

The Great Lakes Event Questionnaire (GLEQ) is a one page trauma history questionnaire initiated in 2000 aid in psychotherapeutic work with combat veterans. It was subsequently developed and refined to its current form. Key features include:

  • asking about broad categories of events in order to gently prompt consideration of both major trauma and significant less obviously destructive events.
  • subjective units of disturbance ratings of the effects of events to
    facilitate understanding of their relative impact and measure change.
  • a format that indicates that specifics are verbalized and disclosed at client discretion.

A second page can be included to briefly ask about client values and positive aspects of client lives. Clinical suggestions about when and how to use the GLEQ are offered in the attached paper. The GLEQ is in the public domain and can be modified to fit therapist needs.