The Definition of EMDR

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  1. At least this is a definition, as opposed to a political statement (as is the EMDRIA definition). Yours is very procedure-focused.

    Your proposed definition focuses on the trauma resolution procedure portion of EMDR, as Shapiro also used to do. Whereas Shapiro now defines EMDR as encompassing the entire/comprehensive therapy approach, that is, a trauma resolution procedure nested within a comprehensive (if vaguely defined) phase model of trauma-informed treatment. On this, I’m with you: I also see EMDR as primarily a trauma resolution procedure, though I believe it should be nested within a trauma-informed phase model.

    Many psychotherapy approaches also include a theoretical component. Shapiro would presumably choose AIP for EMDR; I would choose memory reconsolidation. Does theory belong in the definition?

    EMDRIA has largely embraced the Shapiro definition, and then some. It is unclear who gets to define EMDR.

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